TWL is a professional trading and manufacturer
 for cars auto lamp and related accessories.

Our major FTY and RD center are located in Taiwan.


TW LAMP is a leading agent in the auto lamp industry.
We offer automobile re-equipment lighting for various well-known makes and models.
Our product selection includes Headlamp ,Angle Eyes Headlamp,Fog lamp,Side light,
Taillight,smoked headlamp,Projection headlamp,LED lamp and much more.
All of our products are made by ISO approved venders.many of whom are certified by E-MARK in Europe and /or the SAE.DOT in USA.
TWL CARBON is our new brand of Dry Carbon Products.
Our carbon products are 100% hand made with vacuum compressing
moulding thus the quality is excellent and quite light weight.

We also export products to the U.S, Europe, Japan, Korea, U.K, China, etc,Thanks to our insistence on quality and reliability,Our products are gaining preference in more countries around the global.
Contact us today &  find out how TW LAMP&TWL CARBON can do more for your business.We will do our best to serve you.





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